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Knowing that cardiologists are in a unique position to advance care through clinical research, education and community service, the founders were eager to pursue these initiatives in a separate non-profit environment.

They set as their objectives:

• Participation in cardiovascular studies of national significance.
• Continuing education for physicians, nurses and clinical staff to benefit patient care.
• Educational opportunities for patients.
• Important health and heart disease prevention information for school-age children.
• Improving the care and prognosis of all patients with cardiovascular disease.
• Providing educational literature for clinical professionals and patients.
• Offering patients exposure to the most advanced cardiac care options.
• Offering the doctors of Kansas City Cardiology the opportunity to pursue original cardiovascular research.


Dr. Brodine’s Story

Growing up in Rochester, New York, a young William Brodine alternated between school, sports (football and swimming were his favorites) and time spent with his family. The unexpected death of his grandfather during his senior year of high school led him to consider a career in medicine.

“My grandfather died suddenly after a two-day hospitalization in a small town hospital. I felt that if I became a doctor, I could make a contribution in medicine and perhaps prevent similar tragedies.”

After graduating summa cum laude from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, with departmental honors in chemistry and biology, he began his medical studies at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.
During his medical internship, the dual influences of his grandfather and his mentor, Dr. Arthur Moss, led young William to consider the practice of cardiology. His grandfather’s death had most likely been due to arrhythmia, and during his cardiology fellowship, Dr. Brodine chose the field of electrophysiology (EP) in order to treat patients with arrhythmias. His desire to continually be on the cutting edge of arrhythmia inspired his interest in participating in EP studies. In turn, Dr. Brodine and Dr. Eric Hockstad founded the Kansas City Heart Foundation (KCHF).

Dr. Brodine finds his work with KCHF to be fulfilling, allowing him to be involved in both research and education. Although it can be difficult to integrate research and study participation into a busy private practice, being involved with KCHF provides an exciting, efficient and ethical way to pursue research.

Recently, Dr. Brodine had the opportunity to work with his role model, Dr. Moss, on the landmark Madit II study, which took a closer look at sudden cardiac death. Without the Kansas City Heart Foundation, this partnership might not have been possible, and he is very grateful for the opportunity to further medical knowledge and honor his grandfather’s memory.

Clinical Studies
Currently the Kansas City Heart Foundation is conducting trials in the Kansas City Cardiology Associates St Joseph's office, St Joseph Medical Center and Lee's Summit Office
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