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St Joseph Medical Mall, Thursday, July 28
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Heart of the Serengeti Dinner
September 9, 2011 at The Kansas City Zoo
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The KCHF education programs are aimed at two groups: medical professionals and school-age children. The KCHF offers several continuing education programs for physicians and nurses, as well as an exciting week-long education program for children.



For nurses and physicians needing continuing education credits, the Kansas City Heart Foundation’s Spring Conference is available. Entering its seventh year, the annual conference highlights the latest advances in all aspects of cardiovascular care, including risk factor treatment, management of acute coronary syndromes, rhythm management, and treatment of heart failure.

Programs explore a variety of cardiology topics that are relevant to primary care professionals, including the latest clinical trials and newest, leading edge standards of care. Specific objectives are set in compliance with the Ed Bixby Institute for Postgraduate Education.

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Cardiovascular disease continues to be a leading cause of death and illness in the United States. Educating our youth on risk factors and empowering students with the tools they need to decrease their chances of developing heart disease is a major goal of the Kansas City Heart Foundation.

In 2001, the “Your Healthy Heart” program was created to teach Kansas City area children how to prevent heart disease. This program raises heart-health awareness by:
• Teaching students the basic anatomy of the heart
• Presenting risk factors for developing heart disease
• Demonstrating stress-reduction techniques
• Emphasizing the importance of exercise and a “heart-healthy” diet

“Your Healthy Heart” is held each February during American Heart Month. Our nurses and other health professionals visit classrooms throughout the week. On the final day, students visit Research Medical Center Cardiology for hands-on heart activities.

In 2007, “Your Heathy Heart” was presented to students at St. Regis in Kansas City, Oakhill Day School in Gladstone and Calvary Lutheran School in Kansas City. Click here to view pictures from a classroom visit!


Each classroom visit lasts 30 minutes and the students follow along in the “Your Healthy Heart” booklets. Healthy Heart volunteers leave something with the students each day.

• Day One: Anatomy of the Heart and Risk Factors
Using the “Your Healthy Heart” booklets and anatomically correct heart t-shirts, we review the anatomy of the heart and discuss what heart disease and heart attacks are. We discuss the “health pyramid” and talk about cardiac risk factors including improper diet, smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and stress.

• Day Two: Stress Reduction Techniques
Teaming with cardiac rehabilitation, a cardiac rehabilitation nurse discusses stress and ways to reduce it. Students receive an anatomically correct squeeze heart to help relieve stress. Our exercise specialist is also a Tai-Kwon-Do instructor, and she shows the kids how martial arts can also help relieve stress. In addition, she demonstrates stretching and deep breathing techniques.

• Day Three: Exercise-Why Exercise is Cool
Another cardiac rehabilitation nurse discusses the importance of exercise and involves students in fun filled exercises. Students are encouraged to list ways exercise benefits the heart and other aspects of their lives.

• Day Four: Heart Healthy Diet
A cardiac dietician visits the classroom with healthy food samples and shows students how much actual fat is in some of their favorite fast food items. Students then discuss which foods would be a heart-smart choice.


Students, teachers and parents are invited to a two-hour interactive learning session at a local hospital where they are divided into groups, and provided shoe covers, hats and masks. In 10 minute increments, the groups are led by a volunteer nurse, cardiac rehabilitation nurse, or volunteer to the following areas:

Cardiac patient unit where students:
• Meet cardiology patients and talk with them about how heart disease has affected their lives
• Give the patients get-well cards
• Give the cardiac nurses thank you cards
• Observe the cardiac monitors with explanations provided by a hospital specialist

• Students who volunteer receive an ultrasound view of their heart with brief explanations of the structures of the heart, valves, etc.
• Participating students receive a copy of their heart recorded on the echocardiogram

Blood pressure where students:
• Learn about the significance of blood pressure
• Each receive a stethoscope
• Learn how to listen to their hearts
• Are hooked up to EKG's and receive copies of their rhythm strips to take home

Cardiac rehabilitation where students:
• May try out the equipment and watch some patients working out
• Receive souvenir photo on the treadmill

Cooking Heart Smart where students:
• Watch as a professional chef performs a cooking demonstration, sharing some samples with the students

Heart Healthy Snacks where students:
• Feast on snacks such as ants on a log, gogurts, apple juice, sliced apples, and smoothies
• Are quizzed to see what heart healthy information they retained

Anatomy Review where students:
• Review what they have learned
• Are orally quizzed by healthcare professional, Barb Lee

At the end of the visit, all students receive a special certificate, signed by Dr. Eric Hockstad, president of the Kansas City Heart Foundation.

Click here to look at all of the fun pictures from the hospital visit.

Each year the program gets rave reviews from students and their teachers! The kids have a great time with the classroom visitors and really enjoy the hospital visits. We are very proud of this program and plan to continue providing this educational service to the children of Kansas City for many years to come. It is our belief that early education is an important factor in reducing the number of deaths from cardiovascular causes.


Clinical Studies
Currently the Kansas City Heart Foundation is conducting trials in the Kansas City Cardiology Associates St Joseph's office, St Joseph Medical Center and Lee's Summit Office
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