Your Healthy Heart Week Hospital Visits

For the "Your Healthy Heart" program, students from a local elementary school
make a special visit to Research Medical Center to follow up on the classroom visits.
The children arrive in the lobby at noon, ready to learn!

The busload of kids is met by Barb Lee, our Study Coordinator, and Dr. Eric Hockstad,
the president of KCHF, as well as many other volunteers. All of the kids wear special
Healthy Heart t-shirts which they receive during the class visits.

Our volunteers then pass out hospital masks, special slippers to go over their
shoes and caps to cover their hair.

After everyone gets their special gear, the students are divided up into small
groups, and with volunteers showing the way, they travel to the different learning
stations. After ten minutes at each station, the groups are rotated.


Blood Pressure Station

Not only do the students have their blood pressure taken, but they also are able
to see a printout of their heart rhythm. Very cool!! They also receive stethoscopes
to listen to their hearts.

Cooking Heart Smart

The students work hard to make some lovely "get well" cards for the patients and
"thank you" cards for the volunteers.


Anatomy Review Station

Our Study Coordinator, Barb Lee, quizzes the kids to make sure that they remember
what they have learned.


Cardiac Monitor Station

The kids are always fascinated by the heart monitors and ask a lot of questions.


Patient Visits

The patients are very happy to talk to the kids and admonish them to take good
care of their hearts. The kids aren't camera shy and happily pose with each of the
patients! When they leave, they give the patients the cards they made. With so
many students visiting them, the patients receive a lot of cards!!


Echo" Station

At this station some of the kids volunteer to be the "patient" for an echocardiogram.
They are fascinated by this new view of their hearts and are excited to get printouts
of their hearts!


Cardiac Rehab Station

At this station, the students are able to see some of the recovering patients working out
on the exercise machines. They realize how hard someone has to work to get healthy
after heart trouble has set in...